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Enough (cover)
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Enough (2010)

Available Now! The latest album, Enough, is a dynamic collection of songs from an artist who refuses to be pinned down. From the soulfully acoustic "All Right", to the funky rump-shaker "Ordinary People", to the bluesy rocker "Make Me Forget", Jamila boldly displays her dynamic range as a singer, songwriter and artist.

Ordinary People A Little Too Much
Music All Right
Jamila Ford - Easy For You Not Exactly Perfect
Jamila Ford - Thank You For Loving Me If You Ever Loved Me
Make Me Forget Never Explain


Traces of the Day (cover)
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Traces of the Day: Special Edition (2000/2010)

Traces of the Day was originally released as a four-song EP in 2000. Recorded at Moonsong Studios in Riverside, CA, the jazz/blues flavored album featured Jamila's fellow UC Riverside alum in the rhythm section. The current Special Edition not only includes remixed and mastered versions of these songs, but also four additional, previously unreleased piano/vocal versions of the songs.

Full Band: Piano/Vocal:
Traces of the Day Traces of the Day
The Truth The Truth
Jamila Ford - Less Than Nothing Less Than Nothing
Jamila Ford - Little Wing Little Wing

Fabulous (cover)
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Fabulous (2002)

Released in 2002, Fabulous was Jamila's foray into the funky, soulful R&B and disco that inspired her as a child. Grooving bass lines and driving guitar riffs on songs like "Music" and "Good Things" are a true departure from her early days of jazz and blues.

Jamila Ford - Ordinary People
Jamila Ford - Good Things
Jamila Ford - Music
Jamila Ford - Don't Worry

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Jamila perform live in person, and it is, in a word: fabulous. For those that don't or can't get out to L.A., do yourself a favor and pick up this CD of funked-out jams and dramatic, moving ballads. There is magic in the way "Don't Worry" starts out fast and upbeat, and dissolves into a gospel-esque passionate bridge that shows off the power of her voice, before returning to its rump-shaking chorus. "Good Things" will test the power of your speakers as they thump, and you nod your head to thick bass and whimsical keys. But don't take my word for it. Pick it up.”
derriik, Pasadena, CA

“'Funky and Full o' Flavor...' Jamila, I just popped in your CD and was very pleasantly surprised. First, your voice is strong, and I could 'feel' what you’re trying to say - both the slow and fast songs. Second, the music arrangement is pro - obvious quality musicians. Third, this sounds like you took the time to do it right. I would definitely like to check out a live show when I am in L.A. Keep up the good work.”
Steven Cox, San Diego, CA, mstevencox@yahoo.com

Jamila Ford